The Kardashian-West Home

This spring, Vogue did a feature with Kim Kardashian West featuring the $60 million dollar Hidden Hills abode she shares with Kanye West and their brood.

Prior to this, there had only been pictures of the mansion in its pre-renovation stages, but the result shows spacious rooms emphasized by minimal furnishing, and lots of white. The couple worked with Axel Vervoordt in creating a monastery-like aesthetic, while giving off the utmost minimalist style.

Throughout the space, minimal objects give off an empty yet sleek vibe, with bleached wood floors, and neutral furnishing. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances and a stainless-steel splatter-proof wall, enhancing the general off-white theme.


Color plays a big role in creating the overall mood of a space, and layers of shades of white can absolutely lighten the atmosphere.

The less cluttered a space is, the more people feel at ease, and this is so important for offices and homes. However, realistically we don't all have big storage space in our homes and offices to hide away objects and furnishings.

That's why it's that much more important to minimize unnecessary goods that we don't need, and selectively style our space with minimalistic daily goods. This creates a similar effect, as objects not only look good, but camouflages into a styled setting. 

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