60X120 Marble Print Ceramic Tile

60X120 Marble Print Ceramic Tile

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Professional Installation Required

Available in smooth and grooved version, this marble-like ceramic tile gets its look from high definition ink-jet printing. The textured version further creates a unique look when installed on the wall. 

Type: Unglazed/GlazedGlazed and unglazed tile options have their differences that offer distinct advantages for different spaces. The main difference between the two types of glazed tile come down to thickness, slip resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance, style options, and finishing process.

Dimensions: 60*120cm

Composition: Ceramic

Purpose: Kitchen; Bathroom; Terrace; Wall; Floor

Finishing: Matte; Marble Print

Specialty: Anti-slip; wear-resistant 

Moisture Absorbency: 0.3-0.5%Water absorption rates are a measurement of how much moisture a specific type of porcelain tile is likely to absorb on an ongoing basis. Some types of tiles may crack if the moisture penetration is too high.

Compression Strength: High

Abrasion Resistance: 3200

Maintenance: Minimal/Clear Water Glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles require minimal maintenance. Clear water rinse (or with a pH neutral liquid cleaner) and wipe dry to prevent film formation. Common with porcelains, spilled liquids may stain light-colored products if not promptly removed.

  •  How to order: Please fill out the contact form with surface requirements and project brief; an associate will get in touch with you. Samples are available upon request.


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